Saturday, 10 February 2018

Dusk To Day // Outfit Post

Nothing beats a band-tee style long sleeve, or in this case a horror film inspired one? The back print is just as cool, but i found it a little hard to get a picture of that myself; click the links down below to explore further! If you're wondering, I got mine in a size medium as I like my shirts slightly oversized. 




Wednesday, 31 January 2018

In Between // Outfit Post

I'm not so much of a fan of summer, the heat, the comfortable nights, and so on.. but one thing I DO love about summer, is wearing pretty dresses. Wearing jeans gets tiresome after a while, though I do live in for shorts and tights. Right now its a litttlleee too cold. About 5 minutes ago it randomly started snowing and turned to hailstone. 

I wore this gingham slip dress a lot last summer, and was one of my favourite pieces at the time. After neglecting it for what seems like forever, I decided to team it with a trusty long sleeved band t-shirt to make it extra cosy. Alongside some simple chunky heeled boots, for a cute wintery-ish look. (Not sure if thats a word, but we will go with it). Or I probably look like a dinner lady, you decide. 



Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Music I'm Into At The Moment

It's been a while since I posted, but in the space I have been gone, I've been doing a lot of music researching and listening. Something I also figured is that it has been even LONGER since I have done a post regarding that sweet stuff. I think that means it calls for sharing of what I have been indulging my ears in lately.


Best start this off with a confession. I was awaiting their debut album, The Mortal Coil, after being obsessed with their previous EP The Guilt & The Grief. I gave TMC a brief listen before becoming ignorant to it and not picking it up again, I at first found that this just didn't grab me. Lately, I have been giving it another go. Second time around it now has me under its wing. Crooked Path had become my anthem at the moment. I'm sorry boys this took me so long. But what an absolutely incredible album.   

Forever Came Calling 

These guys are one of the most underrated bands I have ever come across. A few years a go they supported Four Year Strong, and I lost my absolute shit when I heard they were announced as support. They were even better live, than what they are through your speakers. A talented bunch of guys that haven't given up (thank God) and are back once again with a new EP on the horizon. 

I hope this / they get the recognition they deserves this time around. 


Recently signed to UNFD, these guys had me from the second I heard them. This is a band I would sum up as being everything I enjoy about music in a nutshell; not to mention Australian (cause we all know they produce some of the best Metal bands).

I have my eye on these guys, because I think we will be seeing a lot of them this year.


Thanks to Dreambound I came across this band due to them. One to get stuck in the head for sure; well it's been stuck in mine. That chorus.


I recommend anyone to subscribe to Dreambound on YouTube, because they are one of the main places I go to to discover new music. Shout out to them again for discovering Vouloir.

The vocals remind me a lot of Casey. But the lyrical content of the two songs I have heard so far are pretty deep and in their own way beautiful. If you like sad music I strongly recommend these guys.



Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Lime Crime Plushies // Milk Tea, Smokey & Marmalade

Let it be said; if there is one brand that knows how to do colourful lip products like no other, Lime Crime holds the title for that. Plushies are described to be as soft as a teddy bear, but still giving us the same matte effect of Velvetines; so whats the difference? And do these new lip products live up to the hype?

The packaging for Plushies is very eye catching. I think like many I am a fool when it comes to packaging of products. I mean that's usually the first ting you see when new products are announced, right? Unlike most products, you can actually see the product through the packaging.

My first thought when applying the Marmalade shade for the first time, was how it felt so soft on my lips. I soon realised that this was more of a sheer product, yet build-able. My problem was, once building the product upon my lips, it seems to go flakey. After easting greasy food it flaked even more. I would definitely say these are perfect for that sheer look, but if you want to go for more of a staple look (as I do!) then you are probably better off sticking to velvetines. 

Price wise if you are interested to know; I got a bundle deal for my Plushies, and got 3 for $48. With shipping to the UK, this came to a total of around £44. Their delivery is extremely fast! I ordered Sunday evening and they arrived on the Thursday, so this I would definitely recommend if you find items which aren't available in the UK yet, and you just can't wait to get your hands on them.